PwC Startup Collider

is a B2B quick scaleup program based in Central-Eastern Europe with HQ in Warsaw, Poland, that helps innovative entrepreneurs succeed. Pricely participates in the 2019 edition as one of the 11 most technologically innovative startups from the CEE region.

Rubicon Partners SA

Rubicon Partners Venture Capital Fund as an active investor. Pricing Tags - a recognized financial group, many times awarded by the WSE and industry institutions. Since 2008 over 80 projects and transactions with a total value of over 2.7 mld PLN

The Eurosean Eastern Poland Funds

Operational Program Eastern Poland - a detailed document resulting from the Partnership Agreement signed by the Council of Ministers on January 8, 2014. The available amount of funds is equal to 2 1172 million euros. The program will be implemented in 5 voivodships of eastern Poland in 2014-2020 in accordance with the Strategy for socio-economic development of Eastern Poland until 2020: Lublin, Podlasie, Podkarpacie, Świętokrzyskie and Warmian-Masurian.

European regional development fund

European regional development fund
European Regional Development Fund - a fund established in 1975 on the basis of art. 160 of the Treaty establishing the European Community. According to this provision, the purpose of the fund is "to contribute to the correction of basic regional disparities in the Community by closing differences in the levels of development and the backwardness of the regions".
Within the scope of its tasks, the fund supports in particular the production environment and competitiveness of enterprises, research and technological development, infrastructure investments, environmental protection, development of tourism and cultural investments, as well as the development of the information society and cross-border cooperation.
The beneficiaries of financial resources from this fund are primarily entrepreneurs, business environment institutions, non-governmental institutions, government administration and territorial self-governments, institutions and research and development units.

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The project "PricingTags - a system for optimization and dynamic price management in small and medium commercial networks" is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund under Priority Axis I: Entrepreneur Eastern Poland, measure 1.1 Starting platforms for new ideas, Sub-measure 1.1 .2 Development of startups in Eastern Poland.